Community Church of Wurtsboro, NY

Natural Church Development

A ​Focus on Future Church Growth

After researching and visiting churches of all denominations all over the world, NCD (Natural Church Development) was developed by Christian A. Schwarz of Germany.  NCD is a process for releasing and developing the potential God himself has laid into each church.  God has given us the people and the tools we need, however, 80% of people do not recognize their gifts.  The process is scripturally based.  Through his research, Christian identified 8 characteristics that were necessary for all growing churches.  They are: Empowering Leadership, Gift-Based Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Effective Structures, Inspiring Worship, Holistic Small Groups, Need-Oriented Evangelism, and Loving Relationships.  Our church identified inspiring worship as the characteristic that most needed improvement and we put measures in place to achieve this goal.  Inspiring worship applies not only to our church worship service and the attitude we bring to the worship service, but also to our private worship of God such as prayer and reading the Bible.  Everyone's input is important and we are working together to achieve our goal.  The process helps us to grow closer to each other and to grow closer in our relationship with God.  It encourages us to use the talents He has given us to serve Him in the church, in the community, and with our family and friends.  We started this process in September, 2014, and reevaluated the characteristics which need the most improvement in the Fall of 2016.  We are now working on "Passionate Spirituality".  This is an ongoing process that is reevaluated every 1 1/2-2 years.  We feel it is important for us to look at ourselves objectively so that we may grow in our faith and our outreach to others.